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250ML Handheld Atomizing Sprayer USB Charging Wireless Nebulizers Disinfectant Fogger Blue-ray Nano Steam Sprayer with Touch Screen
Features :
– Sanitizing Sprayer indoor/outdoor electric disinfection machine can produce disinfection mist with diluted disinfectant, which can deeply disinfect and purify the air, and improve the air environment. it can be used in offices, homes, rooms, restaurants etc. for disinfection.
– Atomizing room temperature disinfection: Normal temperature disinfection will retain chemical components and will not produce toxic gases.
– Cordless rechargeable: Disinfection distance is no longer restricted. Built-in battery, you can go anywhere when it’s fully charged.
– The compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the design of the handle, easy to carry, can be used in homes and beauty salons.
– The sprayer can not only be used for home, room, office, public area, and clothing disinfection, but also can be used for skin care and hair care.
Specifications :
Product name USB charging sprayer
Spray distance 1.5/2m (adjustable)
Rated voltage 110V-240V
Charging input voltage 5V / 2A
Power 16W
Battery capacity 4800mAh
Working time 70 minutes continuously
Kettle capacity 250ml
Charging port Type C
Product size 22.8 x 7.4 x 20.7cm
Product weight 0.45kg
Package Included : 
1 x Sanitizing Sprayer

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