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Main Features:

● Hang Ironing and Flat Ironing: Hang ironing and flat ironing in one, and the force is evenly applied; the material feeling of the clothes is restored in multiple dimensions.

● SteamPlus Steam Heating: 1200W powerful steam, using SteamPlus smart technology, instant steam does not damage clothes.

● Efficient Penetration of Clothing Fibers: It can be ironed for 7-8 minutes at a time. The high-temperature aluminum die-casting panel effectively penetrates clothing.

● Ironing a Variety of Fabrics: One-key steam, silk, fiber, cotton, linen and other fabrics can be ironed.

● Secondary Heating Technology: Equipped with steam nozzle aluminum alloy and ceramic glaze panel, it realizes the unique secondary heating technology, smooths stubborn wrinkles.

● Micro-pressurized Steam: The built-in micro-pressurized pot body has high thermal efficiency and fast heat conduction, so that water is not easy to drip when ironing.

● 8°Golden Tilt Angle: Fit the clothes for ironing vertically, and the steam output angle is 8°gold inclination to ensure the straight line penetration of steam and penetrate the clothes.

● One-click Operation: Round steam button, after repeated design and adjustment, the button sound is soft and the button stroke is comfortable.
Double Security Line ofDefense: When the heating element exceeds 140℃, the circuit will be cut off automatically. Automatic safety protection when the temperature of the hot melt exceeds 240°C. At the same time, it has the function of preventing dry burning when water is short.
Separation Tightness of Water and Electricity: 150ml see-through water tank. The water pipe is located behind, protected by silica gel for transmission, separated from water and electricity, and sealed tightly.

Small Size + Folding Handle: The foldable handle weighs only 630g, making it easy to carry regardless of daily storage or business trips.

Folding Type

Brand: Zanjia
Model: GT-313W
Voltage: 220V50Hz
Power: 1000W
Water Tank Capacity: 100ml
Coating: Ceramic Glaze
Panel Material: Aluminum Die-casting
Product Size: 15.00 x 7.60 x 22.50cm
Ordinary Type

Brand: Zanjia
Model: GT-306LW
Voltage: 220V50Hz
Power: 1200W
Water Tank Capacity: 150ml
Coating: Ceramic Glaze
Panel Material: Aluminum Die-casting
Product Size: 17.40 x 8.80 x 22.90cm 

Package Contents
1 x Steam Iron, 1 x Manual, 1 x CN Plug(We will send you an adapter which according to your country)

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