Prudoence is one of the leading suppliers of general merchandise and lifestyle products. We follow family life closely and provide beautiful and affordable quality life products for every customer in the world.

Prudoence's mission is to make us part of your ideal, to make it easy for every customer to find the right product and provide beautiful products.

The products on the Prudoence website are updated almost daily. No matter where you are, all of our products can be shipped to your home with just a few clicks. Lanikaico offers products such as Bidets and Toilet Attachments, Clothes Hangers, Laundry Supplies, Shoe Organizers and more, which will be slowly revealed later.

All products sold by Prudoence are made of high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing. We have an elite team of product developers with professional skills and unlimited creativity.

Welcome to Prudoence and hope you have a pleasant shopping experience!